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Wave Point Foundation

The Wave Point Foundation is the outreach ministry of Wave Point Church.

Our aim is to raise up leaders and give the youth of Jeffreys Bay the best chance at living life to the fullest: active, healthy and in touch with nature.

Wave Point Foundation endeavor to give youth the opportunity to truly lift themselves out of poverty and positively impact their families, social networks and community.

We care deeply for our Jbay community and the surrounding areas. We embrace opportunities to extend Jesus' love in genuine and practical ways through community outreach projects.


Current Outreach Projects:

Surf Leadership

The Wave Point Surf Leadership Initiative was born out of a need to raise and develop future leaders using surfing as the vehicle. It's a leadership program that focuses on character development and finding your God given purpose and vision for life. 

Surfing is a fun, healthy, physically and emotionally stimulating activity that is the perfect sport to incorporate and impart these leadership skills. It teaches patience and tenacity and instills confidence. Surfing is all about the individual; it builds a young person's confidence organically and they will become more self-assured not just in the water, but in their day-to-day life.

Wave Point Gardens
Food sustainability is a massive problem for local people living in poverty. The Wave Point Foundation is aiming to fix this by actively connecting people with the earth and providing fresh vegetables to local families. However it does not stop there, a key part of the project is to reach farming skills to local people so they can run their own garden project.

An added bonus is that our “training garden” serves the families of all the kids who are part of our Surf Leadership program.

Every child has their own vegetable box which they care for. We train them to harvest the fresh produce for their families. This teaches responsibility, stewardship, commitment and vision which are the qualities of great leaders.

Music School / Studio
The Foundation provides a great music studio with extremely experienced staff teaching local kids in both production and instrumentation. We offer an introductory course for those who have never played music before and also advanced classes for those who wish to make a career in the music industry. Music and production can provide employable skills to local young people to help them escape poverty and great opportunities for the future.

Kick, Push, Move - (KPM) 
K.P.M. is a skateboarding outreach program that aims to connect with skaters all over Jeffreys Bay and to attract kids who are interested in the sport of skating.

Our first phase consists of a street section mainly for kids getting into skating.

Our second phase is turning two old aquarium pools into a outdoor skating bowl, which is a first in Jbay!

“Skateboarding can be a catalyst for positive change, especially among children.” Tony Hawk.

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